So underground, you’ve never heard of them. They’re literally underground being “basement producers” of their own music. The duo is originally from Ottawa, but currently based in Toronto, where they’ve released 2 EP’s this year. Their sophomore EP titled “Popular” and their September EP titled “Tres Bien”. Using Mikky’s vocals, Alex’s production and beats and their joint contribution in lyrics, Mikky and Alex take electronic dance music to the dark side. They’ve created a sound they have deemed “DDM” dark dance music, which suits the mood of their EP. Mikky and Alex have come a long way and refined their sound throughout the past few years. Because of Mikky and Alex’s bond as twin sisters and best friends, they are able to think cohesively and seamlessly to create music that encapsulates both their own unique sound into one vision.

Since their last EP was released in 2012, Mikky and Alex have been quietly working on a new artistic project. For two years they experimented with different sounds, built a recording studio in their childhood home and wrote and produced dozens of songs. They were frustrated by the confines of classical instruments in their recordings and moved from traditional instruments into electronic production. When EDM went mainstream, people around them started understanding the way they made music. Mikky started making original beats to match her songwriting melodies while Alex started working on the surrounding production. They finally re-emerged with a new sound that is reflective in their EP.

Since moving back to Toronto they played their first show ever at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, DJ’d at Parts and Labour and booked a slot at Canadian Music Week, a Toronto festival know for showcasing emerging and well known talent. They played their EP’s “Popular” and “Tres Bien” more recently at Dance Cave and the Handlebar with critical acclaim.

Extended Bio: 

Mikky and Alex, the twin sister duo based in West Queen West, are bringing fresh sounds and a DIY attitude to the music scene. The Duo, who write, produce and perform all of their own music, say they wouldn’t have it any other way. “ I write, sing and do the beginning production, then I hand the track over to Alex, who puts the finishing touches on the song and we work alongside to discuss what direction we want to take with it.” -Mikky. “I love being able to create something from start to finish and be involved in all aspects of it. We are in charge of everything we do from the photography and artwork, which are all technically self portraits and taken by a self timer, to the styling, creation of songs, the curation of making an EP, the distribution and guerrilla marketing. Its 100% DIY and 100% us.”-Alex.

The twins expressed how it was a rough transition from writing songs in their bedrooms to creating and producing around vocal tracks that could eventually stand on their own as professional quality sounding productions. “The learning curve was pretty frustrating. We started producing songs with my piano at my moms house and an old electric guitar my brother gave me. But it was limiting to say the least. I’ve always loved pop and electronically produced songs but didn’t have the means or knowledge around that aspect of producing. I tried Abelton Live with a bit of success but it was taking forever to familiarize myself to the program. I decided after a month to get Logic. The producing game is such a boys club with male DJ’s kind of keeping trade secrets to themselves. Its so strange, but i’ve never been intimidated by male dominated things. I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in my youth and I think that really gave me the confidence to say, hey, I can produce, write, sing, and perform and you’re out here bragging how hard it was to produce a sample based electronic song in which a female vocalist wrote and sang. Its like hi, I’m not impressed. I’ve always been a feminist, and its so funny that a lot of girls in the music industry shy away from the term until only recently. Even to this day when I tell people I’m in a band they’re like ‘oh thats nice sweetie’, but when I hear a guy taking about being in a band or how they produce music, people are like ‘awesome, send me a link’ or ‘whens your next show’. Its pretty ridiculous, but it just makes me work harder for what I want.” –Mikky.